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February 27, 2007



I picked up the Sarcelle pattern too. By the time I was hip to their shawls (after the fashion show) it was all gone. I think it was gone by Friday actually. Looking forward to seeing your Sarcelle knitted up. I'm planning to use some lace weight Cashmere stash yarn in a very plummy color... one day.


It looks like you found a lot of treasures! I wonder why Lorna's Laces is so hard to find? I live on the east coast, and very few stores carry any of the different weights or colors.


Great kit choices! I just got Cookie's Twisted Flower sock pattern, the kits were all gone by the time we got to the booth. I got my first LL yarn at Purlescence and then I got some more at Knitting Arts in Saratoga. It's nice stuff but the pooling is wicked.


Nice haul. I also noticed that there weren't many vendors with LL. What's up with that?

I like your petroglyph socks, thanks for sharing. And the spinning thing? Yeah, I'm just trying it out... ;-)


I didn't get Cookie's kit, they were all gone by Friday afternoon!! I just got the one pattern. :)




Nice loot! I didn't get a good look at those beading kits. Anytime you want a tutorial let me know. Or did you want me to take a million photos and blog it? Btw, Knitting Room down here in San Jose, usually has lots of L.L. sock yarn and I LOVE the colors but the stuff I have annoys me because it pools so badly.


Wow. Nice haul. Very pretty!

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