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December 02, 2006



Oh, that's way cool, but also a little scary. Does Caleb like it?


OMG! LOL! I just showed my little son. He recognized Elmo immediately.

That is a really good balloon Elmo.


ah yes. i recall the balloon tree from last (or last last) xmas. way cool man. way cool. my kids would be justifiably jealous.


I recall the Balloon tree from last year! :)

So it Cal getting a TMX elmo or will you pass?


and the balloon parrot you brought me few years ago was awesome!


LOL! It's actually a little freaky!

Amanda Cathleen

wow. now that is a very talented balloon artist!
I can make a worm...


Elmo!!!! Wow. The things we do for entertainment.

Thanks for your comment/thoughts about the Knitpicks needles. I have decided to add them to my Christmas list. If I get some I will let you know how I like them...


Cambria W

I love that! There's always room for Elmo.

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