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January 21, 2007



If it gets "too" bright for you, you could always run it with a strand of really soft mohair in your favorite of the colors. That would tone it down very slightly, without obscuring the qualities which drew you to the yarn in the first place.


I think the colors are gorgeous and fun! Of course I wear those every day. They take a bit of not caring what people think, which can be quite refreshing!


I like the colors, then again I wear things that others frequently refer to as "eccentric". I say if it fits but you aren't too sure of the colors, you could overdye it when you are done.


I love the Koigu! I made a sweater last year for my daughter and once I washed it, the color faded quite a bit, more muted, not as vibrant. My guess is that if you wash it when it's finished, the color will tone down.


Hi there,

I wonder if you might be able to help me?! I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland and I’m studying for a Masters degree Digital Art. For part of my project I’m collecting quotes from many blogs across the blogosphere. I intend to use the quotes in my artwork – I’m putting together illustrations that are inspired by the quotes. I noticed part of a posting you made, which I think would be really interesting to include in the work:

‘I think it's because I wear a lot of gray and black to work. Need a little tackiness in my personal life--sort of like a detour to Las Vegas.’

Could I possibly use your quote in my artwork? If you are happy for me to use it I can add your name and your blog address to the credits if you like. The artwork will be available from my blog in the coming months and I’ll email you to let you know how its going. This would be really helpful!

Kind regards

Julie Gray


I think we all need some funky, unexpected accessories now and then. But if you don't think you'll ever been in the mood to wear it, it might work better as a scarf or something else.


Thanks for checking out my Sweetie Girl's Drive-Thru sweater. I definitely recommend the pattern. I was going to make her the cardi but she wanted the pullover instead. Your profile says you're really into kungfu; really? Me too!


I like the pink! Of course, it could just be that I can't wear pink at all (I have red hair) so I'm just jealous that I can't have a "brite" hat.

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