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March 13, 2007



Or Kara could be an early hybrid. We don't know who her dad is, after all...Anyway, I love those West Valley Alpacas folks, and that color is lovely! Hopefully it won't be in the frog pond long. :)


Oh Yes, we are big time BSG fans over here! :)

Love the yarn colors. So saturated!


The Argosy looks good, bummer you have to frog it! Just take you time knitting the sweater we'll be back down below 80 in just another 7 1/2 months or so and then you'll be good to go! I love the color.


your sweater looks lovely! okay. I hope you forgive me for this but I have to ask: Are there specks in your counter that are really that blue? I am a geologist and it is kinda a full-time job :)


Love the color of the sweater! Sorry you have to frog the lace. It is pretty though!


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