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July 04, 2007



Adorable! I love that mocha color with the pink.


Very cute!! I love pink and brown together.

amanda cathleen

so sweet! Love the color combo :-)

Joanne Warren

Are there corrections to the decreases. I cannot get it to turn out right. Thanks Joanne

Bob Crawford

The corrections Joanne was looking for are: 1st decrease SSK, K2, K2Tog, P2 to the end of row (60 stitches. 2nd decrease: SSK, K1, K2Tog, P1 to the end of row (40 stitches. At the end I continued to K2Tog until I had 5 remaining stitches and then began the I-Cord.
Hope that helps!



I love this pattern! I am knitting it right now and was coming to tell you of the corrections on the decreases...but it looks like Bob Crawford already did! :)

Thanks so much! Hope you have a great day!


I linked to this pattern on my blog, if you would like to visit sometime! :)



Bob - thanks for posting the corrections, I will re-knit one from my notes and add your corrections for a re-post.


3rd line of decrease pattern is wrong. It should be SSK, K2 tog, P2, NOT SSK, K1, K2 tog, P2


Wow... Amazing hat. I never see such wonderful hat. It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing such beautiful hat.

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